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[Not a Bug] I purchased the campaign pass, but did not receive the rewards

Platform, device version and operating system:

Android 8

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I finished the campaign, and collected the rewards. Then, purchased the capmaign pass. The “collect rewards” tab is grayed out, and it shows that I collected the paid rewards from the campaign pass. But, the weapons and troops are all locked out on my account still.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

This is my first time buying the campaign pass.

Steps to make it happen again

It won’t ever happen again if I don’t get what I paid for, as I won’t make any further purchases in game if so.

Edit: SOLVED. Rewards were in mailbox. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Ouch. As with every issue: did you try restarting the game?

I did reset the game, multiple times. No luck. I also created a support ticket. Hopefully I will hear something soon. This is also a bit of a warning to others to be cautious with the campaign pass. At least do not collect rewards before purchasing. I was under the impression that the uncollected rewards from the pass would be unlocked upon purchase of the pass. This was not the case for me unfortunately.

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Probably just a simple bug on the button mechanics. I wouldn’t worry about not getting the rewards. The devs will send them to you manually in worst case. Just fingers crossed it won’t take them weeks.

Have you checked your mail? I think that’s how the retroactive rewards are sent out.


There they are. Thank you. Not sure what to do with this post. I’ll make an edit I guess. I’m a dumb dumb. What can I say?


Didn’t think about it neither actually :smiley:

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Totally understandable! Maybe they can add in a little bit of text that already unlocked rewards will be sent in the mail :man_shrugging::+1:

Happens to the best of us, anyway :sweat_smile:


Yeah. I didn’t even think to check my mail. Thanks again for the help. I appreciate it.

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Guarantee you won’t be the last person to not notice this. Leave the post, it might help somebody down the line :slight_smile:


I will. Hopefully it does help others.

You can eddit it’s title to have [Not a bug] in front. That’s how Kafka/Salty mark topics which aren’t a bug.


I’m glad you found the rewards :slight_smile:

I thought I’d reply anyway just in case anyone else has the same issue.
The campaign rewards you already earned from the elite pass track are sent to your game mail when you buy the pack.
If you purchased the Elite+ pass the stars for the previous weeks are also added so you don’t miss out for purchasing the pass late.