Mobile game glitch

I tried to collect my mail and i had 7 different ones, but the server timed out on me and it glitched away and I wasn’t able to collect it. Has anyone else had this problem?

I may have, I can’t remember exactly, though. Did you check to see if your totals of whatever rewards they were had changed afterwards? If it did happen to me, I think I dismissed it because they were trivial rewards or they we’re in fact added to my totals, despite the error.

Yea I looked. But got nothin

Hey @Esoteric_Troglodyte

The game is programmed so that if anything happens (like a crash etc) when opening mail/chests that even if you don’t see the rewards, they’re added to your account.

However, if you think you’re missing something, please send a support ticket under the missing rewards category with specifics about the day/time the issue occurred and we can check it for you.