[Reported] Campaing task reset 17 january 2023

I dont own the Elite pass plus i already had finished my task yesterday. Fix your game dont ban me…


I bought elite pass in the beginning of this campaign. Tasks are reset for me as well.
Now I have two questions:

  1. Will I receive elite+ rewards if I complete these tasks?
  2. Will there be any punishment if I do this?

Too afraid to check by myself :grinning:


I have the same thing: am not on the elite pass, had completed the Karakoth tasks + collected the campaign pass rewards on Monday, and now I have the same Hellcrag-related tasks as Crow re-activated.

The Campaign Task tab still shows me as having completed the campaign, and I still have the Dragon Totem in my inventory so :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Oh, and for me this happened shortly before today’s reset; got the completion notification for the Construct Bane task as I was hustling to get the last few battlecrashers done before the reset.

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Same here campaigns have reset. Sigh… another day another f**k up :slight_smile:


I looked at my profile after reading this (wouldn’t have done it otherwise) and it’s the same situation - all rewards show as collected, task progress shows as in OP’s first screenshot.

100% the same for me as you described it.




@Kafka @Jeto … I got this bug too… Don’t man me… Also I am submitting a ticket

Yes it reset for me too. This is getting ridiculous and ridiculous. When this will end?! Too many bugs.



Reset to Monday but still at 1200 stars.

These seems to be the tasks of week 6 of the campaign. Do we also get another stab at week 7 - 10 if we complete them? :thinking:

I bought the elite pass plus so will I be due a refund or double the rewards? Either seem fair to me.


i bought the elite pass plus too , if we can not complete the campaign please refund my money , besides you still owe me and others much more then the lousy 50 gem payouts you been giving . and please dont ban anyone for your mistakes. this is my campaign i had only 4x the 3 point tasks to do but now asd you can see all are reset

there are many that already completed their campaigns and again it reset, fix the game why dont you.


I’ve been playing those like normal and didn’t even wonder. What does that say about me? :rofl:

To be fair, I’m a little sick right now and tired but can’t sleep - so please don’t ban me, either.


same here. 115/160. should i play today and risk being banned?. @Kafka @Jeto @OminousGMan

I’m already feeling the mail arrive with 50 gems for the inconvenience LOL


I don’t think you’ve lost any rewards. The tasks have not actually reset as in losing points.

It’s basically extra tasks.

Troops are still there, artifact still at 10.

If you did not finish I suppose you can still just do that and get points for the tasks to collect your rewards.

it pays for a days dungeon offer at least lol… at this point they should just make that button free for advance compensation :rofl:

50 gems for not losing anything? I don’t mind that.

As a compensation, the next campaign will be missing one week of tasks.