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5.0 Upcoming Change to In-Game Support

Hello Adventurers,

We wanted to make a post to inform you about a change coming in the 5.0 Update.

We are removing the “Submit a Ticket” button from the Help Tab in the Settings Menu, leaving the “Help Center” button as the primary means of contacting support from in-game.

Why are we removing ‘Submit a Ticket’?
One of our goals is to be more responsive to players with critical issues who need help urgently. After the “Submit a Ticket” button was added 12 months ago, we noticed an increase in types of tickets that would have been quicker for players to fix using the self-help in our Help Center (things such as checking that rewards were received, which can be looked up in the received-mail tab).

While we love to help you all out, we noticed that our support response time increased because of all these new tickets. As the “Help Center” button sends you through the self-help, we believe that this change should improve the quality of support for ALL players - players with issues that can be solved by themselves will no longer have to wait for a Support Team response - and players with critical issues should be responded to faster.

How do I use the Help Center now?
Players will still be able to access the Gems of War Help Center from in the game, and we will be making improvements so more players will be able to solve common issues without needing to wait for a reply from Support.

Players will still be able to submit tickets through the Help Center for issues where self-help doesn’t give a solution.

Does this change mean that we’ll get less support?
No, we are making this change so players will have the ability to help themselves on common issues, while players who have more difficult issues can get responses sooner.

Will you bring the ability to submit tickets in-game back in the future?
While it’s unlikely to return in the same way, we plan to investigate and discuss new ideas for how players might get the right help when needed.

Are other changes going to happen to the Help Center?
We will be spending time in the lead up to the 5.0 Update’s release and the months afterwards, reviewing and improving our existing articles, while also adding new articles for common issues that are not documented yet.

We will also be creating an area on the forums for players to post suggestions for new Help Center articles.


I like the change but… What about players who do not speak english? The Help Centre is only available in English at the moment.


Official 5.0 News finally! :partying_face:

Oh… Support News… :astonished:

What if that’s the ONLY change in 5.0 :open_mouth:


Relax, it’s just the ONLY change in support in 5.0.

And ONLY one published by now.

Will there be anyway for the help center to draw my info into the ticket like it does now?

I’ve never had a ticket solved by something that the help center could of fixed personally speaking. But I’m not being over zealous in guessing I’ve submitted at least 100 tickets before.
Some of those tickets take 10 minutes. Some take 5 minutes. But the ability to have my information loaded into the system directly without my input definitely saves at least 3 minutes per ticket.
So hopefully it’s not just supports time but also the players time that you’ll continue to focus on saving.

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Do we have a release date for patch 5.0?

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