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Pruning Inactive/Dead Guilds

Since the formation of our baby guild I peeked at the number of guilds (at least were the list started for us). We started at over 22,000. Many of these guilds had 0 members in them, or just 1. Many of them had under 100 trophies etc. GoW really should look into pruning dead or inactive guilds after x amount of months. Some might say ‘but then Guild Wars might be tougher because we have to face actual guilds that are active’. As inactive guilds tend to still get registered for Guild Wars just to satisfy the pool I figure. Only by 6,000-7,000 has the baby guild run into more active guilds. The 15,000+ before that were just beyond dead. So it makes me wonder just how many are like this across all platforms. That could then mean there are over 60,000+ (guessing of course) dead or almost dead guilds.

Sorry for the bit of ranting now on to some ideas there.

A guild must :

  • Have x amount of members log in every x month(s).
  • Must have x amount of trophies earned every x month(s) * the number of members.

OR …

The system will flag it for deletion and put a mark on the guild.

  • A flagged guild can simply click on the in-game flag to enable them as active again.

But …

If the system flags the same guild again for deletion in x month(s). Then a guild wanting to keep active must make :

  • x amount of trophies in x month(s) * x month(s), to ensure they won’t drop inactive again.


The guild is deleted, and all members of it are made homeless.

Really feel something to prune out these guilds should exist. Because it will just keep adding and adding and adding, until its a lot of cockroaches!


I don’t see why these guilds have to be deleted. Just tune the GW ranking algorithm so these guilds are push in the back according to criterion (like the ones that you gave).


@turintuor Thank you for the reply =). Its not so much a suggestion to prune guilds for Guild Wars. That was only a side thought. The main thought being the pruning of these guilds that sit for too long in a pool of inactivity.

Because as stated if this number keeps growing without some form of pruning, GoW will have to do it eventually anyways.

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I posted a suggestion about this very issue in another thread.
Remove all guilds with zero members.
Remove guilds that have had zero activity for more than 90 days.
They need to clean up all the dead guilds, for start up guilds it slows the climb up the GW brackets to the point where it will take way too long to even get to say bracket 200


I think that selling empty guilds could be an idea. You can start a new guild, or buy an empty one and benefit of the work that has already be done.

Many guilds could also use this to create sister guilds

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@madking I’d personally like the selling a dead guild to a member who wants it as a nice idea. Just think that GoW would not do this for various reasons. But if it was to be done guilds that have 0 members would go up for auction for x days. After which if no bids then its simply deleted. And yes I said auction, so it would allow other members to bid on a dead guild if they choose to do so.

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Sorry but I think this is a really bad idea.
Start a guild by all means but why should you be allowed to buy a much higher ranking guild? You need to earn your ranking with trophies. It’s hard work and it is just wrong to take over what others have earned.


I intend to sell @en9nhcet’s account when he quits the game. I suppose that would also give ownership of Glitter Walruses to the highest bidder.

Good luck with that. He is a robot from the future. He will never quit.

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The game maybe… Guilds are a different story. :wink:

(Officers of the forum I implore to you that this isn’t a “call out” but an inside joke that @en9nhcet himself would approve of). :grinning:

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You forget that I have no sense of humor.


I agree that inactive guilds should be pruned away. I think it should be far harder to set up a guild and only be accessible later in the game. Having so many crappy guilds makes it hard for new players to find a good guild, hard for active players to find each other, and can ruin the game / guild experience for new players getting stuck in dead guilds and missing their rewards and community.


They could just start with this simple step.

0-member guilds are ridiculous, since there is no one to ever send an invite… Or do these guilds all have Open Recruit on, so poor n00b players join a ‘guild’ and wind up all alone in an empty one?

My guild has a training guild now and I just spent 3 weeks down there helping them to move through the outer-thousands of rankings. While I was there I ‘collected’ 0 member guilds, taking screenshots to document. There are certainly hundreds-- again, not just “inactive” guilds but empty guilds.


I’ve not been on for over a year. I don’t like the idea of deleting someone’s guild just because you don’t think it’ll be active again.

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At least stop them from ‘participating’ in guild wars.

I agree, it can’t be that difficult to remove guilds with zero members

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If they having been inactive for more than 90 days I would say there is zero chance they will be returning to the game

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Correct me if I am wrong, If a guild has 0 members who is going to invite someone to the guild? It seems to me that someone in the “team” is failing to clean house. Clean house being to get rid of the dead guilds, lets start with 0 member guild removals and not debate what defines inactive.


New players can join when doing a random guild search. Which is a waste of their time.
I agree, remove all guilds with zero members.
Looks like this is a real issue @Ozball @Saltypatra @Cyrup that most everyone who has commented has agreed, rare indeed.

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IT’S EMPTY!!! that’s a step beyond inactive.