Guild Criteria

I’ve been playing this great game for the better half of 5yrs and been part of some amazing guilds. I’ve also seen my fair share of undesirable guilds.

My personal opinion is the game makes it to easy to create a guild which at times can have a negative effect on the games. There are a great deal of dead guilds or guilds with less then 5 active players which would effect lower level and new players. Imagine being new and thinking a guild that has only one other play is what the game is about. Also it makes it difficult for middle level active guilds with recurring.

  1. My suggestion is a player shouldn’t be able to start a guild until there at least level 500.

  2. If a guild is inactive IE accumulating trophies within a month the guild is dispatched.

I get there should be a full range of levels for guild but having dead guild only hurt the game.

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I like option 2 although I wonder how this would work on retirement guilds. Eg most guild families have a guild where people who are taking a break from the game can put their account. Examples of this are parents who are going to be too busy over the 6 week summer break with their kids to play gems so they go into the retirement guild so they can still stay within the family of guilds to get reinvited when back to playing in 6weeks.

I can understand why noobs create guilds too, for example I just started playing a game which has clans and I wasn’t sure what type of thing I was signing myself up for or what I’d need to do so I created my own clan to see what is the benefits. Perhaps noobs start a guild because they aren’t social but want to play world events or raid etc?

It’s a tricky one as dead and empty guilds are a frustration for gw’s but then I can see why it hasn’t already been implemented

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Some great points my friend. I think a happy medium could take place were a criteria of let’s say 100 trophies a week to have the guild remain active. Your brought up some great points I had thought of thank you.

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