I say stop this!

i was watching this now for a long time but it gets really out of hands where sooooo many guilds cant even fill up again. why is it possible to create a guild with level 20? either you know how to run a guild nor to play the game. i saw so many new guilds popping up created from low levels and than leaving the guild so we have allready (thats what i asume 10 000 guilds with either no players or only 3-5.
please devs maybe considering raising the amount of level and gold you have to have to at least level 200 and 500k gold. (around that)
but maybe thats only me who thinks that way.


I’m torn on this. A guild is a great way for a group of friends to share in an activity kind of like a clubhouse or fraternity. However, it is annoying to randomly join a guild only to find that guild is devoid of life.

My solution for this…

  • Show how old a guild is on their guild info page.
  • Show how long the GM has been playing the game.

Example: a guild that is a week old that is Rank 1k is probably a lot more active than a guild who is Rank 500 but 4 years old.

Yes, it can be subjective, but this way players have more information before clicking the join button.


that doesnt change anything that we have so many low level guys/girls creating a new guild and have no clue about what it means to be a GM

A high level could have just as much knowledge. So unless you’re suggesting a GoW cognitive test. I don’t see how you could judge solely on level.

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thats why i suggest that he/she is at least at higher level ryan
and has the gold (300k less and more) to can even create one

We don’t believe it is fair to police guilds this way. Sometimes groups of friends start at the same time and don’t progress far in game, or only play casually. They should also be entitled to having and running guilds even if they aren’t frequent or high level players.

However, this thread has highlighted some needs that we can address in the future. Eg, people being able to see how active a guild is before joining, or how long the guild has been established. So for that, thank you!


Of course the other more important thread didin’t highlight some needs…


While I think it’s everyone’s right to be a GM if they want to - even if it’s a solitary guild of 1 - the bigger issue is the number of new players who get stuck bouncing from dead guild to dead guild for their 1st 3 months or more because they don’t know any better.

Purging guilds with no members active within the last 6 months would be a great start.

As for joining random guilds, maybe an activity guild score can be implemented that only considers participation on tasks and guild events weighted against the guild’s possibilities (to remain fair in comparsion).
It’s not of much help if the guild has players that play every second day but don’t participate in anything much or don’t help to fill the tasks.

That way bad guilds dry out. Though they’d still remain. But who cares then?

At the moment I can only suggest to guild hop near the end of a week and check the guild pages. Found my current guild within 4 tries that way and am quite pleased with it… would want more activity in the chat but there are many that don’t seem to understand English well.

I actually would like to know that beforehand too. The prefered language.

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To be honest, time in game or level is irrelevant.

I’ve seen level 1200+ that still didn’t knew the NEVER trait bandit and sister of shadows if using thief class trick, for example.

One can have extensive knowledge of the gamr even if low level (as one can skim the forums, the youtubr, etc, for knowledge).

So I disagree with limiting guild creations or tieing to certain requirements. If a full newbie makes a guild, goes full headon ik the wall, and fails, it can always be seen as a part of the learning process. Learning from mistakes is as effective as learning from success after all.

Have guilds show up just like defense teams in pvp. They only show up if active.


This is a really good suggestion, @Saltypatra. Please add it to whatever notes you made based on this thread.


This is exactly what some of us LGoH refugees did: jump boat and start from scratch together about 6 months back, and now many of us are lvl1000+ and our guild is consistently full.

The fact that we had the chance to learn and grow together was key to our experience.