BLaCkGold Guild Chat

Hey all! If you have questions, suggestions or just want to chat post it here!

Hi all
I finally logged on to this forum
If you need to ask me anything feel free

@CaptHindgrinder Hello and welcome, glad to have you around!

also we have this topic open too Guild Recruitment

We are full again

yeah, that’s great…the new forum attracted more people to login and to be active so the recruitment is more successful.

Any suggestions?

I’m thinking we may need to include gold and trophy production as an indication of activity along with the log in tracker
We have some members that log in regularly but don’t play

We need serious players if we want to get past the 40 spot on the leaderboard

Hi. One of your new members here:)

First thanks for the invite… agree with gold and trophy tracking… dont make it onerous goals though as that will turn off some people.

My thoughts if you want to increase the guild rankings is to try and put a reasonably easy to achieve minimum trophy contribution (maybe based on the number of trophys earnt in achieving level 1 in the weekly event or from 2 x playing in arena). That way at least you are getting some contribution from less regular players. More regular players are going to provide that anyway.

Also to state the obvious - if players are not playing then consider kicking them ad getting in fresh members. A lot of guilds limit membership to level 100 plus but I don’t see the logic in that as my belief is that newer players can contribute just as much (and in some instances more as they are still keen and eager to play regularly which equals more trophies).

Finally give some incentive…eg contribute certain gold or trophy levels on a regular basis for promotion within the guild (and conversely demotion if that drops).

Anyway - just my 2 cents :smile:

Hi @CaptHindgrinder @Kram

I agree with you guys, and I think it’s time to make these changes. I am thinking to some reasonable requirements like minimum 15 k per week and to achieve rank 1 in the weekly event. As per the lowest level we should accept I think lvl 40 would be OK.

Let me know what you think.
@CaptHindgrinder also if you want to start removing players from the ones you mentioned I am Ok with that and probably the other members are too.

Just my two cents as a new member, but I specifically liked your guild recruitment post because of the nontrophy/gold contribution requirement. I contribute what I can of course, but not having specific goals to reach made me think it was/is a pretty casual guild.

Yeah, I think we need to find a balance between being casual and having members contribute as much as they can as long is not a burden.
Maybe we could just remove the players who don’t get involved enough(although they do login) and keep the things as they are in rest?

Up to you of course. From a leader’s viewpoint, I can see how it can be frustrating to see some people not contribute anything. Sooo… maybe the bare minimum? For a week (event) period, a trophy and/or some sort of gold donation? That way if players don’t like or want to PvP or for players who like to hoard gold, there’s the other option for them.

Hi Pixie and CaptHindgrinder

I agree that Level 1 in the weekly event and 15K gold should be easily attainable for active members. I’m personally not a fan of a “hardcore” guild process that require 100+ trophies a week, but I think that the proposed requirements are still easy enough to meet with only a few hours of gameplay a week.