Level 530 looking for managed guild

I am looking for a new guild, with minimum requirements of around 25,000 gold and 50 trophies per week. While I was in a nice guild with good people, I’m frustrated at carrying the double-zeros.

All kingdoms are level 10. I only have 4 kingdoms to power level 3*, as I need a ton of souls and Arcane Traitstones. I’m running the Dragon Armor.

I finished farming for my commons to Mythic, other than Thrall, damn you RNG!

I know I can commit to 100 trophies a week. Right now I’m running around 200 a week.

I’ve been donating around 75k a week.

I thought I’d toss this on the recruitment forum before I look to apply to any specific guild, because there are a lot of great ones.

Feel free to let me know if you have questions.

Invite code: ESOX

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Hey, I can send you an invite to BLaCkGoLD, we’re at rank 32 or 33 and actually don’t have any minimum requirements, just be active and donate what you can. We’d be glad to have you.

Whoops, sorry, just saw that we’re all full. Must have happened in the last hour when I last checked.

Well, surely u can remove one Goblin from your Guild, if there is 30, probably there is a few that is a little inactive. OP is a dream for any guild, 75000 gold as well as 200 trophies a week is really good.

Would you like to join Light Army? I am not the leader and it is full atm, but I am very sure we can remove an inactive one from the guild. I can try to contact the leader. We are currently 11th. Let me know.

However I now have sent the leader of Light Army a request about if you could join us. Since we are 11th place, I am sure you would be gladly to join. But under the circumstances that you provided in your main post. Just make sure that you are in no guild, and it will probably go well.

Thanks to all, I found a new home.

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Though moot now, I’m actually not a leader and can’t kick anyone. :slight_smile: