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I'm Looking for a guild

Hello everyone. I’m a relatively new player that has been playing for a few weeks now. I’m active every day. I’m level 96 right now. I’ve been getting only around 200 trophies, but that’s because I get about half way through and I realize that I want to improve my troops, so I work on that for a while. I have opened all of the kingdoms, so I’ll now be able to contribute gold every week. At least 25k right now, but that will definitely improve over time, as will the trophies.

I’m not looking for a top guild, I’m looking for a mid-level guild that I can grow with. One that’s active. Right now I’m with a random guild that I chose just so I can get the bonuses. There are around 4 people out of 30 that are active and I’m the second most active. So I’m just looking for a reasonably active, friendly guild.

If I’m for you, please contact me. Thanks!

If you want to join us, Whip of God, the 133th in the Guild Leage then leave your current guild and post here your invite code. Best of Luck!

Sure. Why not.

Invite code is the same as my user name.

I got the invite, but when I open the mail it says:

No option to join. When I click view it takes me to the search/create screen.


Nevermind. Got it.