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Looking for a guild on PC

Hello all. I am looking for a good guild. One where everyone contributes to the goals of the guild. Currently I am in one where we get soooooo close but because not everyone is doing their part, we don’t make it. I am an old MMO player and used to everyone doing their best.
I am level 595 and still working on getting all of my kingdoms to level ten, so my gold contribution is usually about 500k. I get all 2000 seals each week and easily over 500 trophies. I play daily and do all guild events. I watch tons of videos when I have questions or need tips on how to do better.

If anyone has a guild that is willing to have me I will do my absolute best to do my part!
Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi Blight We have an awesome guild where everyone contributes. I have a recruitment message posted on here if you would like to check us out. We do not req you to put any gold in until kingdoms are at 10. We do have reqs on every event. We get 40k seals, and always complete regular tasks with some epic. On gw week we do all tasks plus Lts. Let me know if you are interested :grin:

Ok sorry, don’t know if you were interested or not but we are now full

Sorry, I’m not sure how to go about getting an invite to a guild. I’ve always just browsed the list and joined that way.

If anyone else has room I’m still looking! :slight_smile:

@Blightsong if you make your invite code part of your post, you might get someone who will invite you directly (you’d get a message in your mail asking if you wanted to accept the invitation or not).

Good luck!

Thanks for the tip Magnusimus!

Found a guild! Thanks for all the help everyone. Please delete this post. I tried but it says I dont have authorization.

Posts don’t get deleted. They just eventually fall to the bottom of the list.