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Level 68 looking for active guild

I am level 68 and looking for an active guild. My current guild does one task every day or so, and I was hoping to get into a guild that does more. Although I have dragon armor, I’ve only maxed 4 kingdoms so far, but am almost done with my 5th kingdom. All others are level 5. I bring in about 150 trophies a week, and can donate around 10k to 15k gold per week. But I really need to use the rest on kingdoms.

If anyone has a good guild recruiting, let me know on here. I’ll then leave my current one.

Thanks. :]

I’ll be checking back here in a couple/few hours.

Hi my guild just changed leadership, it has few members but I am looking for active players. Check us out.
You can leave if not satisfied.

invite code:


Thanks, but forgot to update I was recruited in-game. Again, thanks for the offer though! :]