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Looking for a top 20 guild

I’m a very active player that wants to move to a more active guild. Current guild is rank 40 and has been good thus far.

Here is where I’m at right now:
Lvl 190
Deathknight armour
25/25 kingdoms
1 lvl 10 kingdom
7 lvl 7 kingdoms
17 lvl 6 kingdoms
All quest complete
All classes unlocked
4 classes maxed (250 victories)
Easily hit 1500 seals/week
Easily donate over 500k/week
Easily contribute over 200 trophies/week

I plan on having all kingdoms at lvl 10 within a week. I am currently trying to complete all challenges and max out all classes to have all the PvE completed.

Feel free to ask any questions.

i have send you pm