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LVL 161 looking for active guild [Filled]

Finally got all my kingdoms done, last 2 weeks I’ve been contributing over 100k gold to guild and 100+ trophies every week for quite some time. Looking for a guild that is active, and most likely one that has contribution requirements.

Invite code: SAIRIK

EDIT: Found a guild. Thanks!

Sairik, we would be honored to have us if we fit your requirements. We are ranked top 400 on the global league, offer guild masteries in the 29-30 range, and have an active chat channel and Facebook group as well where members can make friends with their guildies if they want.

Although I do not enforce a strict “100k gold + 200 trophies per week” (mostly because people will do the minimum required) I do monitor the guild logs to see who is not contributing like the rest of the guild. Part of that monitoring is on the 7th day of inactivity people are removed. Also a lvl 200 player who has all kingdoms at 10 who donates 20k gold per week is not acceptable, but it is a judgement call.

Our current highest rank player is in the mid 500’s and our lowest player is in the 50 range, but out average is in the mid 100’s.

Well if it doesn’t work out, Realm of the Undead has one spot open
Very active guild
Rank 371 and climbing
Mariana, GM