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2 active players looking for new guild

Both my partner and I are nearly lvl 100, we are in a guild that I started but our players don’t contribute or play any more and we both want to be part of a guild where people contribute (not just us) we would both like to focus on kingdom levels and atm just keep putting into a guild that we get nothing back from,

We reach pvp rank 1 most weeks, we will contribute as much gold as is required, we play most days, we are friendly and enthusiastic.

Please let us be a part of a better community of people.

Our guild, Whip of God has two openings if you are interested .

Our guild is lvl 141 in Guilds Leage.
The guild is champion with 100% daily gold bonus.
We have +33 bonus in all masteries.

Send me your invite code if you are interested.



We look forward to being part of your guild

Invites sent.

Realm of the Dead is recruiting, active players levels 8 to 134