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Looking for guild! Super active player need a good guild! (PC/Mobile)

Hey everyone I’m a lvl85 player currently, but rising very rapidly. I play daily and can provide 100+ trophies and at least 50k gold every week. I usually hit rank 1 in pvp within the first day or two.

Need a guild with similiar requirements. :slight_smile:

Invite code is: LINJA.

Thanks so much!

I am the GM of a guild that has been reformed, meaning 505 Games gave me GM after removing our inactive leader. We have been around since the game came out. But recently, due to removing inactives and due to actives joining thru this forum we have been rising thru the ranks at an incredible pace. There is room for advancement if you show you are active

I apologize, i attempted to send one but since you arent on the xbox platform it wont let me send one. Aparently this game isnt as cross platform as it claims…lol

Valley of death is open and if we have any spots join at your leisure.

What platform are you on? So we can get you in the correct category.

Tried to invite you but says you are already in a guild, you have to leave it first.
Realm of the Undead
Very active guild, level 371 and rising fast
One spot open
Minimum level 50