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Small casual/active guild looking for new members


Our guild “thanks Geoff” is looking for more members. No requirements at this time. Currently level 17 Platinum II with three members. Reply with invite code if interested.


There is a lot of work to do with guild, try considering an option to join an established guild.
You will lose thousands of gems and keys until you are full and running, compared to what you would gain joining some longer going guild that already has 25+ members.
And trust me you’ll need a lot of time just to fill the guild.
Not trying to be a negative guy, just telling you how it is going to be and what you are missing if you take that path.
But best of luck if you decide not to join any other guild and try and grow on your own :slight_smile:

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Who’s Geoff?


Listen to DonBoba he is absolutely right.

Realm of the Undead has one spot open.
Very active guild, 100% gold bonus daily.
Minimum level 50
Must be active in pvp
Reply with invite code if interested.
Mariana, GM, Realm of the Undead

Thank you for the advice. This is just a fun side thing for me and a friend - thought i try this and see if there was any interested (figured it is a long shot). So I am going to stick with my current guild. If my friend decided she is done with the game i will take your advice and try to join an established guild.

Cheers !

the only reason i even heard of this game and got addicted to it :wink:

thank you for the offer. I am going to stick with my current guild for now.


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Good luck and have fun!