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LFG - Level 246, maxed seals (Found)

I’v found a guild. I am no longer looking.

Guild I am in, was more than 50% non contributing to weekly event. This is no bueno. I need to move up in the world.

What I want from you:

  • 28/30 players active and contributing, every single week.
  • I don’t care what tier we are, but the middle is preferred.

What you can expect from me:

  • Deathknight Armor
  • Active most every day
  • Maxed seals
  • Full participation in events
  • Not alot of gold for a bit, since I am still leveling my kingdoms

Screenshots of pertinent info:

Stating which platform you’re on, and putting your thread in the relevant Guild Recruitment category, would help you reach the audience you’re looking for.


Fleshbits, are you still looking for a home with a PC/mobile guild? Dark Vengeance is recruiting, mid-level guild, rising fast. Very active with legendary tasks and 40k seals each week. We have a tiered system so new players can level kingdoms before having to donate heavily. Super active and friendly Discord with players from around the world.

I am still looking. What are the weekly reqs and how often do you prune deadbeats?

Beginners who join have a grace period on donating gold so they can get kingdoms leveled. After that we expect even our most casual players to do 100,000 gold, 1300 seals and 100 trophies. We have a group of five 1000+ level players who consistently hit at least 1 million gold, 1500 seals, and 300 trophies weekly. Our guild is only 58 days old, but we’re already ranked 1166. Our leader group tracks all members and evaluates progress weekly. We’ve cut non-performers.

With all that said, we have a very friendly, helpful and easygoing vibe with tons of tools and info for players. We are very active on Discord, and we want players who fit that vibe of being friendly, positive and helpful to other guild members.

We have one spot left. Let me know what you think, and if you feel like it’s a fit give me your invite code. We’re actively recruiting so let me know ASAP.

Just one thing more, we’re only taking new members level 200 and up at this point.

I found a guild. No longer looking. Thanks all.