Looking for active guild

Level 111 looking for guild with many active members. PC/Mobile. 50 trophies, 20x level gold weekly.

Obviously I’m not active enough for the top 100 guilds, but I’d like to at least be in one where everyone is contributing.

Thanks for looking.

We have a spot for you if you want: “Some Guild”. Rank 533, so top 600 if that is ok for you :wink:

Kind of restructuring at the moment, but we have a pretty active core. Sadly I haven’t counted how many tasks we complete per week, but the focus is gem and key.

If any of you want to meld with Legion of Doom guild, level 73 current (so top 100 guild), we are down to 13 members but are all very active and trying to stay together. We ended up a group randomly but seem to be loyal to one another and enjoying the game. Let me know here, in game or at asouthernthing963@gmail.com.

Not sure if you’re still looking but my guild Geminy Crickets is slowly growing and everyone is active. We are rank 1700 so not super high but we are climbing. We are less than 2 months old if that gives any indication of how active. We are Platinum rank 2 and we focus on key tasks and gem tasks before anything else usually. If you’re interested send me a message.

We’re down to 12 members, so if you guys are looking to meld with a rank 75 guild, we’d love to have you!

Thanks, I’m not looking to merge with any guilds but I appreciate the offer!

I’m not ignoring anyone! Just hadn’t checked back. Still looking to move guilds, preferably on Monday so I have trophies and gold to donate for the week!