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Anyone interested in joining a newly formed, but active guild?

Hi all. Just as the title says. I left my guild that was fairly established to start a new one with some friends. We’re all laid back. We need some recruits. There are 5 of us currently in the guild. Two of us are level 200+ and I have all but one kingdom level 10. So I will be contributing a ton of gold. Already dumped about 50k today. We’re active and play a lot. We don’t expect a lot from recruits. Just try to contribute some. I know leveling up kingdoms is a priority for many, so feel free to get that out of the way. We should rise up through the ranks fairly quickly. A couple of us get 200+ trophies a lot of weeks. I’ve gotten 50 just today. Clan name is hung jury. If you’re interested in joining, just leave your invite code below. This is for mobile by the way. Cheers.

I’m on PC and am looking to leave a dead guild. Please let me know if you’re still interested. My code is BURD_1 but I have not left my old guild yet.

Got a spot for you. Let me know when you leave your guild so I can send an invite. Try to do it soon. I’m gonna dump about 500k into tasks soon.

so i just started playing gems of war and was wondering if i could join your guild?

P.S. My invite code is FURAX WRAITH

Right now we’ve only got the one spot open. If we have room later, we’ll get you in. Sorry.

oh thats cool just hit me up if you guy have any openings

I made a spot available for you, but it says you’re ina guild already. If you still want in, leave the guild you joined and I’ll send an invite. If not, it’s ok.

@burdfishdemon @LegalCatnip I’m gonna dump close to 600k into tasks soon after the new event kicks off. So, now’s a good time to get in the guild if you still want in. There will be quite a bit of gems and keys to be had.

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As it turns out I’m in a 20-member guild now. :o Thanks for the offer though; I’m sure someone would bite if you offered to them!

No problem.

Status update:
We are currently rank 331 in the guild league. We have all gem masteries but 2 at 23. The other 2 are 22. We get 100% daily bonus. We complete a lot of tasks regularly. Several of us have all kingdoms maxed out and can donate a lot of gold. I typically donate well over 1 million gold to tasks every week. We are active in chat. This is a laid back group, with no donation or trophy quota per week. We encourage players to max out their kingdoms, then focus on donating to tasks. We focus on gems, keys, and guild token tasks. We get a few hundred keys and gems every week from tasks. We have accomplished all of this in less than 2 months. If you’re looking for a decent guild to be a part of and would like to contribute, leave your invite code below. We currently have 2 spots available.

Hi there,

Just started up a few days ago and enjoying the game on PC. Playing every day although amount of time varies. Happy to donate what I can (I hate being dead weight or sponging although I guess my current ability to donate is peanuts for you guys - probably about 1k per day or so :grin:).
Kingdoms sat at 5x lvl 5, 1x lvl3, 2x lvl1 and still dabbling with teams to find out what works. Nothing special on the pvp front (tier 11) as mainly doing quest lines to unlock stuff and challenges/arena for souls (1 set of legendary challenges complete so far then I started arena).

If you have a spot for a slightly senile old fart then I’d love to join, otherwise I wish you all the best in your endeavours.
Invite code = VECKNA.

Thanks for staying awake during the life story (us old farts waffle on a bit :wink: )

It’s ok. I’m no spring chicken myself. I’ll send you an invite. Also, don’t worry about not being able to contribute as much as the higher level players. We all have to start somewhere. Just focus on leveling your kingdoms and playing the quests for now. If you want to get gold, pvp is the best place for that. And it’s also great for getting glory. I would suggest getting the dragon or celestial armor as soon as you can. They cost 500 gems each. If you save, you should have enough after about a week or so. We get quite a bit of tasks done every week. If you want to chip in with donations to tasks, please just donate to the gems or glory keys tasks. If neither are available, donate to the cheap (11,000) blue guild token tasks.

Got the invite thanks. Will catch up with what I can do to help in guild chat tonight.

Hey wondering if you still had a spot open. Need to join an active guild. 200 trophies a week still upgrading kingdoms. So around 50k a week to donate.

Invite is REXBANNER86


No problem. Invite sent.

Thanks half kingdoms are at ten another week or two and i should be good.

Awesome! No problem. Welcome to the guild.

I’m a new player looking to join a friendly guild. Usually play 2-3 hours a day. If you have a spot open and would take me I’ll make sure to contribute as much as possible.

If you’re still interested, let me know. We are full, but I can open up a spot for you.