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Anyone interested in joining a newly formed, but active guild?

Hello, another new player (started last Friday) looking for a home. If your guild is a friendly place for casual but active players please feel free to send me an invite if/when a spot is available (ZHOREB).

My main focus will be developing the kingdom as fast as possible. And figure out a few optimal teams of troops. Contributions will be low in the beginning, but that will increase in time.


I am very interested in joining your guild. I play several hours a day and focus on pvp and can bring in a fair amount of trophies. While I am still leveling my kingdoms, I am leveling them quickly and will soon put all my earnings into guild tasks. I’ve already left my inactive guild, so if you want me I am WOLF 140

We’re looking to get another active member in our guild. We’re very active. Many of us have all kingdoms maxed. Some are still working. We’re laid back. No minimum requirements. Just want people that play regularly, and donations should be to gems, keys, and blue tokens (if no gems/keys tasks are available). We’re active in chat as well. We have all gem masteries at 31+. We’re right around 200 in the league standings. We have collected around 600 gems and 800 keys this week alone from tasks. We’d like someone that has all kingdoms maxed or close to maxed so they can hit the ground running with us. If interested, post details below. Thanks.

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Hullo thar. Are you still looking to recruit active members? I play every day, probably 50+ hours a week, most weeks unless I go away. I am still learning things but am getting there. will contribute what I can. zoeannemehrrick.

Invite sent. No requirements in the guild. Just play regularly. If you donate to tasks, please donate to the gems or keys tasks. If neither is available, donate to the blue token tasks.

Hey again Greek-13. I’ve been playing a lot and now have 4 kingdoms maxed… Long way to go, but getting there. I’m interested in joining your guild, as my guild only does 1 task per day, if that. I’ve been getting about 100 to 150 trophies a week, and donating about 5 to 10k a week. I know it’s not a lot, but it’s something.

Please let me know if you have a slot open and if you’re willing to invite me! I will then leave my current guild. Invite code is BURD_1. I’ll be checking back here periodically so let me know. :]

Hey burd, thanks for reaching out. I have someone that said they wanted to join, but I’m waiting to hear back. We only have one spot available right now. If they decide not to join, I’ll get you in. Just sit tight, and I’ll let you know one way or the other.

Thanks very much for the quick response. :]

I have 100% gold armor, I was rank 56 & 99 last 2 weeks (I usually do PvP like crazy sat & sun b4 reset)

I donate all my gold to guild (all kingdoms maxed).

Don’t be fooled by my level.

Level 61
Invite code: Derek J Lutes

Please NOTE it’s: Derek (space) J (space) Lutes.

I’d like to get you both in the guild. But I only have one spot available. I’ve sent an invite to illusion above. Sorry, burd, but we really would like to get someone who can contribute more. If he declines, I’ll try to get you in. If he does accept, I’ll try to get you in when a slot is available. I’d like to get everyone in that is interested. Unfortunately, there’s only so much room. I’ve booted some inactive players recently, and I really don’t like doing it. Even if they don’t play much, I still feel bad booting people.

Ah no problem; I understand. Are you on Steam? If so, friend me. Name is burdfishdemon.

I play primarily on mobile, but I do have a steam account and play some on there. When I’m around a computer, I’ll try to add you. I’m not very familiar with steam, and last time I tried to add a friend, I couldn’t due to me not spending enough money in the store yet. Thanks for being cool about it. I appreciate it. If that spot stays open, I’ll let you know.

Okay thank you. In the meantime, I’ll look around!

He’s accepted the invite. Sorry. I’ll try to get you in down the road if a spot opens up, and you’re still looking for a guild. Thanks for being cool about it and reaching out. Appreciate it. Take care.

I see you’ve been looking around. I’d love to have you in our guild. But, I need a spot to open up first. I hope you get in a decent guild. If you don’t, I’ll try to pick you up if/when a spot becomes available. Good luck on your search.

:] Thanks very much.

No problem. I like your enthusiasm. It really is a great game. You need to get in a good guild. It will help a lot.

I finally got into a good guild! :] Just letting you know!

You said you have no minimum requirements. I sit at … 13 lvl 10 kingdoms with another 10 at lvl 9 currently. Unfortunately i do not have time to play and thus gather trophies. Would pooring all the gold or most of it to the guild, make me eligeable ? I’ve tried looking for good guilds around but all require trophies … thus i usually end up in a lower level guild where most people donate like 5k a week …

Good to know burd. Hope it works out well for you. If you end up leaving, let me know.