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[Geminy Crickets] An active guild wanting any and all players

I know there are a lot of these, but I’m looking for some new members for my guild. I play very regularly, and I’ve managed to get the guild built up pretty nicely in less than 2 months.

I’d be happy to welcome any interested players new or old. At the very least you can count on a guild leader that will actually be active! That’s got to count for something, right? Send me your invite code, or reply here if you’re interested.

Thanks for your time!

We are platinum rank 2 and can have up to 30 members. We are around rank 1700 in the leagues and climbing with 2200 trophies and we are guild level 28.

Count me in…I started a similar thread earlier but happy to join yours. Spidermouse

Invite sent! Thanks!

Hay i have a Guild too should we connect our Guilds ? My Guild is on Silver 1 Rang and have 749 trophies. For now are 3 Members. My Guild name is Warriors Of The Gems.

Thanks but for now I think I want to see how I can do on my own. I’m at 4 members so far.

Just putting it out there that I am still actively seeking new members. We haven’t gone anywhere!

Any and all active players welcome!

Free cookies for coming to the dark side!

Smell those cookies!

See above update if at all interested in joining an up and coming guild.


As an update we are now Gold rank 1 with about 1000 trophies with a membership of up to 30 people. Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me either on here or via message. Thanks.

May I also join. I’m really active In this game

Sure! I just need your invite code.

The code on your profile LOUG_6YHV is not working.

If anyone would like to merge with my guild they are welcome to. I’m not interested in leaving my guild but I would welcome anyone who would like to flee to mine. :slightly_smiling:

Beginners and veterans and anyone in between are welcome to join so long as you are active and contribute to the guild.

Is this through ps4 or the app?

This is a pc/mobile guild.

We are recruiting any and all players who are interested. No minimum weekly requirements except I ask that you be active.

Invite me: benjamin king