Happy Birthday Geminy Crickets!


Just wanted to give a shout out to Geminy Crickets on our 2nd year anniversary!

@brightcookie founded our guild 2 years ago on January 23, then handed the reins off to me as GM about a year ago. We’ve really grown over time, we’re currently #60 in the world and climbing on trophy count, and compete in Bracket 2 of Guild Wars!

It’s been a long and fun path for us, with lots of friends made along the way. Thanks to all of our members for making our Guild such a special place to play, the community for providing so much information and a never-ending stream of new players, and the Devs for making a game with the staying power of Gems of War!!

Original Recruitment thread circa February 2016: [Geminy Crickets] An active guild wanting any and all players

Current Recruitment thread (Wait list open :wink:): [30/30] WAIT LIST OPEN! Enjoy the game with Geminy Crickets, Rank 60 and climbing! 40K, 15+Legendary tasks, GW Bracket #2-3!


It’s exciting to watch the guild continue to grow! :smile:


Happy Birthday! :smiley: Well done!


Happy Birthday, and grats on the success.


Yeah!! Happy Birthday Geminy Crickets!! :tada::balloon::gift::fireworks:


Happy Birthday!!!:tada: Mordik and I are very happy to belong to this guild!:grin:


Your guild name is one of my favorite GoW puns. :smile:. Best wishes for your continued success.


Congratulations!! :birthday::cake::champagne:
It’s a great guild and I love being part of it!


Only a few days away from my 1 year anniversary with the guild too :smile: here’s to another year!


Really the only reason on why I keep playing this game.
Super friendly, chill and helpful people.:clap::call_me_hand:


Played daily for almost a year before joining this guild. Was in an active guild the whole time, but we never got to 40000 seals in a week. Now, in Geminy Crickets, I’m receiving daily Legendary Task rewards, GW team suggestions, news, advice and most of all, motivation to play even more based on the above. Joining the guild was a game changer for me.

Lovin’ it guys!