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Guild Recruitment: BLaCkGoLD

Daily bonus: +100% gold; Rank Champion
Currently we are the #38 guild in the league, with over 30000 trophies
All masteries +29
We generate a decent amount of keys, gems and maps

I have to add that inactive players will be demoted after 7 days and removed after 14 days.

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Hi, I try to log on everyday. I am interested in your guild.
Invite Code: MIKOTO

Hey, can you invite Andrei (ANDREI_10) and Catalin (CATALIN 1) in this guild , we play everyday this game and we are very active!

Invite Code: Dorgath

Hey all, thanks for your interest in our guild!
@Mikoto - I tried to invite you, but it says you are already in a guild. You have to leave the current guild and I’ll send you the invite again
@kingandrei - invite sent to ANDREI_10, but Catalin 1 it says it doesn’t exist so please check again the invite code and let me know
@Dorgath - please leave your current guild and I’ll send again the invite

the invite code is ‘’ CATALIN 1 ‘’ with no ‘’ _ ‘’ between CATALIN and 1. I dont know , so it says!!

Whoops, sorry about that, I’ll be on in about 12 hours and can leave my current guild then.

Left my current guild, please re-send invite. Thanks!

@Dorgath invite sent, welcome!


my Invite code is ARLAN_1, i’m playing daily but had to start a new account :frowning:
your guild would help a lot on fast progress and i would contribute too, of course :smile:

@Arlan89 invite sent, welcome!

Thank you!
My friend SHARIJ is new to the game but she liked it so she would be active too (has a higher level and better cards than me already^^)
Would be cool if she could join too. :smile:


Please invitr

invite code: archdevil86

would love to join. Level 29, new to the game but very active. currently rank 1 on the PvP event. veteran gamer who just discovered this game. Edit: Just reached PvP rank 1. will concentrate on quest now.

@ARATHORN invite sent
@cpf86 you need to leave the current guild so I can send you the invite

ic, ok, i just left! waiting for your invite before i continue my quests!

@cpf86 invite sent, welcome!

accepted. thanks! hope to have fun and contribute!

Hi. Had put my name down for a new guild but I haven’t heard anything back for a few daysafter some confusion with invite codes. Originally was looking for an established guild so will put my hand up for membership if you still have spots…

Currently level 112 always place first in weekly events and login / play daily - sometimes a fair bit, sometimes a little. My last guild had 20,000 gold weekly minimum and I easily contributed that.

Invite code KRAM_2


@Kram invite sent, welcome and glad to have you !