Guild Recruitment Darkruby Drakes

Our Daily bonus: +100% Gold
Currently we are the #218 guild in the league, with over 9000 trophies and rising
All masteries +11
We generate a decent amount of keys, gems and maps

We have 5 spots open (25/30)
No minimum weekly requirements regarding trophy or gold contribution.
The only requirement is to be active.
Post your invite code and join us!

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I would be interested in joining as the guild I’m in I seem to be the only one playing everyday! I’m at level 121, after playing for only 1 month, so addicted.

my invite code is kardava

Hi, please invite me and my girlfriend. we play and donate every day. I’ lvl 227, she is lvl 60
invite codes

I hope you enjoy to play with us :smile:

Ancient_1 is invited, Tashkin doesn’t exist (is the user still in another guild?) :frowning:

oh! thanks, her invite code has a space after it… TASHKIN(space) please try again. thanks!