Anonymous (#1 guild on PC / mobile) is recruiting(29/30)


Come check out our Discord server to find out more: or send me a PM.


i have nearly all maxed out kingdoms so all my gold will go to guild. im level 219 and get to tier 1 in pvp each week. LAWSONITETONIGHT for invite code

i am level 1106 :slight_smile:

@hary PM sent

@tomzzzzz Thanks for your interest in our guild, but we are expecting more trophies than getting to tier 1. Maybe you can apply again later if you become more active?

i have trophies 321 i no have just 4 Mythic :slight_smile:

Hey i am currently 900 lvl and i can do about 900k gold and 400 trophies per weak

@hary @DeadAim
Thanks to you both.
You seem to be just above our requirements. Our members currently average 1K a week and that is more what I am hoping to find.

LvL 1029
1,5kk+ gold

Discord guildchat np even tho im not much of a talker.

It is Ok. Some of our members are much more talkative than some others. :slight_smile:
It is before everything a practical way of communicating information.


Hello Aelthwyn what’s up i play withe team Guild 07 Maybe after i send you Message for invite me
to help your team :slight_smile:

Congrats about your new guild. :slight_smile:

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Ive sent you a PM. I meet all min requirements and can greatly exceed them. I’m interested in joining.

Haha… I wish!

What does your guild do to make the world a better place?

Did you know that Anonymous donates thousands of maps every week to underprivileged gamers around the world?

Come join us!


Let me know if there’s a spot (pm please). I’m lvl 700 and weekly average 500 trophies, 700k gold and 1500 seals.

Thanks for your interest in our guild. Our members are currently averaging 1K trophies each week, and that is more what we are hoping to find.

We are still looking for some very active players, preferably able to make at least 800 - 1K trophies on a regular basis.

More information up there :

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Hello :open_mouth:

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Hi! Long time no see. :smiley:

Mass Effect’s fault. The multiplayer is fun.

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