Level 178 - Looking for guild with high minimum gold requirements

My current guild master has stopped maintaining the guild so I’m looking for an active guild that requires its members to donate a high amount of gold per week. I can donate 40k - 50k every week. I don’t pay much attention to trophies but after I’ve gotten rank 1 every week I usually just play arena.

Let me know if you’re interested in someone that’ll donate at least 40k every week and what your guild requirements are.



Do You want to play in THE WITCHERS guild?

We need active players like you.

We have 319 place in league and need more fighters.

Our requirements - just be active and play with us for glory


kolejarz84 - that sounds good. Can you send me an invite? Invite code is y0nderboy (the second character is a zero).


Invite send

I’m a longtime player and can easily donate 40k a week, I’m in need of a strong active leader to help me build the guild from scratch, I know it will be a challenge but that’s the fun part to me, please let me know if your interested.