THE WITCHERS is Recruiting - Rank #61 - 200k/1500s/PvP Tier 1/Guild Wars - (29/30) 1 Open Spot

Hi everyone THE WITCHERS is recruiting under new management.
We are still going through a transition phase, weeding out the inactive members so if you are interested in joining I ask that you please be patient while I get us back on track so we can get back to getting those 40k seals and reach those legendary tasks that we know you all love !!!

THE WITCHERS is a casual and friendly guild, our main priority is lots of Seals, Tasks, and now Guild Wars rewards.
We are not interested in reaching the top of leaderboard so we do not give much priority in making a lot of trophy’s however it is still obvious we need to farm pvp for gold to put into our tasks and reap our rewards so we are still getting our trophy’s while we do that.

Guild Level - 364
Guild Guardian Statues Bonuses - See Below For Full Detail Of All Bonuses
League - Grandmaster I ( Daily Bonus: +300% Gold )
Current Trophies - 282,802
Current Seals: 20k / Sometimes 40k
Leaderboard Ranking - 61

What do we expect from you?
We expect all members to be active, do all 5 Guild Wars battles and check guild chat on a daily basis.

Our minimum weekly requirements are as follows;
200k+ Gold (Gold increases to 300k on June 5th)
1500 Seals
PvP Tier 1+
Guild Wars (Complete all 30 of your guild war battles by the end of the week)
Be respectful GoW is just a game, and players are real people and have real feelings.

What do we offer you?
Daily Bonus + 300% Gold

Guild Guardian Statues:
Red Guardian
Level 96
Fire Mastery +96
Tribute Chance Bonus 5%
Attack Bonus +3 (Skill Bonus Active For 5 Days)

Blue Guardian
Level 95
Water Mastery +95
XP Bonus 45%
Armor Bonus +4 (Skill Bonus Active For 4 Days)

Green Guardian
Level 92
Nature Mastery +92
Map Turns Bonus +5
Life Bonus +4 (Skill Bonus Active For 0 Days)

Yellow Guardian
Level 92
Air Mastery +92
Tribute Amount Bonus 9%
Life Bonus +4 (Skill Bonus Active For 0 Days)

Purple Guardian
Level 94
Magic Mastery +94
Souls Bonus 45%
Magic Bonus +2 (Skill Bonus Active For 1 Days)

Brown Guardian
Level 93
Earth Mastery +93
Glory Bonus +1
Armor Bonus +4 (Skill Bonus Active For 0 Days)

If you are interested and we hope you are then Pm me or leave your invite code here.