Join The Witchers! We are actively recruiting 2/13/22

Update: 2/13/22 We are an active guild looking for 3-4 players. We do not use discord, just Guild Chat. Socializing not required. Our guild speaks English and Polish. Our min requirements:

Level 300+
1000 Seals
300K gold or pay in trophies if your kingdoms are below level 10
Participation in all Guild events and GW daily

Feel free to respond here if interested or ping me on Global channel 089!

Thanks for the recruit but I’m not at level 300+ on the mobile game. But on my console I’m 600+ .

Hi chiraqsfinest. I don’t recall sending an invite. However, if you can meet our requirements, we’re happy to have you. are you still interested?

Edit: and by requirements, I mean gold and seals regardless of your level.