Guild Recruitment - Horstianer - Rank 28


We’re looking for a couple of active players to join our guild, Horstianer. We’re currently ranked 28 overall. No specific requirements other than please be active.

Let me know your invite code if you want in.



I could use a guild. I am level 134 and contribute at least 7k gold a day. My last guild kicked me when l didn’t log in for 24 hours. Hopefully that won’t be an issue here. I log in most days.

Sounds great! Let me know your name and I’ll send you an invite!

LEGOLAS_11 Active 15/7 easy 200 trophies per week and 100000 gold let me know if invite to leave my curent guild

forgot to mention my lvl im 98 lvl atm and i make around 50000 gold per day from matches

We’re currently full but I’ll reach out if we have any spots open up tomorrow. Thanks!