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Guild League Rank #27 Recruitment - Previously Horstainer

Welcome Currently 30/30

Currently offering:
League Rank: 31
+56 to All Mastery’s.
+100% Daily Gold Bonus.
Donations aimed towards Keys>Gems>Guild Tokens
Active Guild Leader & Officers
Communication outside of the game via Discord

What we strive for:
Active members (Mandatory leave of absence notice)
Friendly and knowledgeable community inside and out of the game
Noticeable trophy gains for the desire to climb the “Guild League” rankings!
PVP contribution with a minimum of Rank 1
Gold contributions that match your own desideratum
Preferred activity in Guild chat, and if desired Discord.

If you’re interested, respond with your invite code.

Until next time, have a great day!

hi and thx to ask me.
Sorry i don t accept your invite i search a guild between top 10 at 20 max.
Thanks again for your invite

still some spots left open^^

we are especially looking for people that can achieve a minimum of 150-200 trophies/week - level doesnt matter this much but above 100 would be nice :wink:

just send me (or Teddy) a PM with some words about yourself and your invite code!

see you soon^^

A few spots open. We plan to take 30th spot this week or next. Pm us with your invite code.

last week we had nearly 4mio gold donated to guild tasks, if you are an active pvp-player and donator - PM me with your level and what u are willing to contribute to our guild

we want to achive rank 30 again :wink:

Spots filling up. Only need 1-2 more active players.

Reach Rank 1 pop weekly.Lvl 188, play daily and contribute. Death knight armor. My current guild don’t contribute like I do and not getting anything in return. If you have a spot please let me kno and I will leave my current guild asap. Thanks bpk772

Spot is still open. What is your invite code?

I will log on and leave my guild now

Just left and waiting. Thanks

Ok, just got into match, i’ll be sending invite in a few

Invited, Welcome.

Spot open?
Invite code: Bernie 8

Willing to Contribute 30k and 40+ Trophies a Day
Invite Code: SDOHERTY14

Currently full, will keep you both in mind, if slots become available, be sure to check your messages, Thanks :slight_smile:

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Looking for 1 active recruit! We are poised to jump to rank 26 in the next week.

Minimum 150-200+ trophies, although most of us do 300-500+.
1000++ keys and gems last week.

Please pm me about yourself and your invite code.

Last spot left. Just today we have over 300++ keys/gems. We’re currently rank #27 and climbing!

You should update the message title too to reflect that.

Edit: And remembered I could do it myself so updated.

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Thanks for updating :slight_smile:

You’re welcome and anytime.