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Horstianer is Recruiting - Rank #30

Hi All,

We’re looking for a couple of active players. No specific reqs in terms of trophies/gold contribution. We just ask that you play regularly and get to Rank 1 in PvP every week.

Let me know your invite code and I’ll add you.



I’m active, looking for a guild.
Invite code “Señor Discount!” (include the exclamation point)

Invite sent!

We have room for one more :grin:

I am a very active player, and make it to Rank 1 every week!
Invite code is "DARIUS 2"
Would love to be in a more active guild as I have been open guild hoping for a while now.

Sorry armament, we filled up before I spotted you. We have a couple of people that may get the boot at the end of the week, so if you’re still looking then I’ll send you an invite. Otherwise, best of luck in your search!

No worries! I havn’t found anything yet, so try me at the end of the week if you have an opening!

You’re in luck! Invite sent @armament81! :slight_smile:

We now have an open slot. If any active players are interested then drop me your invite code and I’ll add you. Thanks!

Definitely still interested but never saw the invite come through.

Dang, filled up again!

We have two spots currently open for active players. Let me know your invite code and I’ll send you an invite.


We’re recruiting! Two good men and/or women!

We have two open slots. Looking for active players. Let me know your invite code. Thanks!

Hi All,

We have one slot open currently. Only req is active players.

Also, we just hit +50 to all masteries!

We now have 2 slots open. Looking for active members, no strict reqs.

Let me know your invite code!

I’m game if you have me. I’m relatively new on this version because I started on console but I do get to rank 1 and donate the extra cash I have.

Invite code is shiratori (big surprise right?)

Let me know so I can leave the guild I’m in (just pm me thanks)

Hello! Currently level 27, playing everyday and looking to be a regular contributor, will get to rank 1 pvp every week no problem. Invite code is YINNIE.

Hi Yinnie,

We filled up, sorry. Best of luck finding a guild!

Do you have some german Highlevel players?

I am looking for new Guild with level 110+