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Recruitment: HomeBound League Rank #23 {28/30}

Hello, We are HomeBound previously Horstainer.
We are a casual guild with determination that strive for success.

Welcome; Currently 28/30

Currently offering:
League Rank: 23
+87 to All Mastery’s.
+300% Daily Gold Bonus.
Donations aimed towards: the benefit of all members.
Active Guild Leader & Officers
Communication outside of the game via Discord

What we strive for:
Active members (Mandatory leave of absence notice)
Friendly and knowledgeable community inside and out of the game
Noticeable trophy gains for the desire to climb the “Guild League” rankings!
Active PVP contribution with a minimum of Tier 1; Expecting everyone to surpass this.
Gold contributions that match your own desideratum
ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY Communication/Join Via Discord. (Not mandatory to socialize)

If you’re interested, respond with your Level, Something about yourself, and Invite code.

Until next time, have a great day!

Im interested in joining your guild.Im level 118 at this moment.I came back to game after few months break and im looking for an active guild 1 Invite Code :SOKOS

I’m interested in joining your guild level 121 at the moment and very active 100+ trophies a week (250 this week). Frequently donate but still leveling cities.

Did a little guild reform: Currently 26/30
I have sent you all messages
If you’re interested please respond either here, or by messages :slight_smile:

Until next time, have a great day!

i`d like to join :slight_smile:
active every day in pvp and gold donations^^
invite link:LITTLE RED HOOD

Hi, i’d like to join
donations weekly about 1 mil
invite link: KOLKKI

I have 100% gold armor, I was rank 56 & 99 last 2 weeks (I usually do PvP like crazy sat & sun b4 reset)

I donate all my gold to guild (all kingdoms maxed).

Don’t be fooled by my level.

Level 61
Invite code: Derek J Lutes

Please NOTE it’s: Derek (space) J (space) Lutes

Hi Teddy,

I’m actually into the game and somehow I can’t force anyone in my actual guild to contribute at any point.
So I am willing to change it, as I like to have some mini-community inside the game/

If you want a team player catch me up:

Invite code: MEMFIS
level: 140
Contributing to guild: pretty much every gold penny i have
PVP: all the way :slight_smile: top 3 in trophies in actual guild every week

Im Cell and I’m level 418

I just moved and while I unpack the bulk of my play time is on sat/sun but I always make tier 1 and even in just those 2 days I can nail in 150k+

In 2-3 weeks I will be finished with my move completely (I mostly have unpacking left but if I don’t work on it right when I move I’ll end up still needing to do it 8 months from now lol)

After the 2-3 weeks I will be able to play daily again and donate 200k+

As for trophies I can commit to at least 50 weekly now (likely more) and 150 weekly (likely more) after that 2-3 weeks is up

In addition to my donations, I can track the guild’s income as I’ve done with previous guilds I have been in (I collect my guild rewards before Changover and don’t collect them all week (except in rare situations) until next Changover and I screenshot the Guild’s weekly intake and submit it to the guild leader, this info can boost guild moral and is a very useful tool in recruitment.

My invite Code is


I also have VIP 10 and deathknight armor so I bring in a lot of gold when grinding (after the 2-3 weeks I will be capable of donating possibly 300k+)

I hope to hear from you soon


I’d like to join.

Im Level 224. I get around 200-500 Trophies a week.

All Kingdoms are Max. so I give all my gold to the guild.

My Code is YONG 9


@Teddy interested. level 642, daily player, formerly in Anonymous, need new guild that won’t feel like a second job. I already have a full time job with two newborn twins. I enjoy playing but not interested in outrageous minimum weekly requirements. Easily can make tier 1 but always do more than that.

22 kingdoms at 5*
2 kingdoms at 4*

Daily player though, usually around 200-250 trophies a week, lots of gold to contribute.

invite code: IAN.M.

Hello,I’m looking for a new guild as my current one is not active. I
am level 274 and get to tier 1 each week. I also have all kingdoms
leveled, so can contribute all my gold to tasks. I am very active.
Any spots open?


Hi, my nick is Tarnesh

Iam lvl 249,
have most of the troops except few legendaries and mythics… I had invested about 150 dollars in the game so far. Iam looking for a guild and your post seemed reasonable enough (I cant really devote enough time to apply to the top ranked “try hard” guilds).

Every week I play pvp always to get to the rank 1 rewards, but I usually play more than that. I have all my kingdoms maxed, so you can expect that I will pour all my gold into the guild. As to exact numbers I can only estimate that it would be around 100+ trophies every week and around 100k-200k gold every week.

My invite code is: TARNESH
Thanks for your consideration

Hi there,

I’m in my guild for more than a year but there are to much inactiv players, and my GM is off for 60 days.

I’m ATM searching for an active guild.
I play every day (1h at least)
Lvl 285,this weeki contribuate 700+ seals , 200k+ gold 150+ trophies


Invite code: CHTONG (im ATM still guilded)

Invite Code/Name: DONGS
Level: 84 (85 in couple minutes)
DK Armor/ VIP 4
Team: Jarl/Spider/Valk/Keeper

Weekly rank 1
1500 seals
typically over 200 trophies per week

Looking for guild that communicates outside game’s limited chat system and coordinates/has fun. I also have a buddy Yohnson

hey im wondering if you max guild tasks every week?

im def INTERESTED and wanting a guild that can max those sweet sweet tasks.

Can contribute at least 400k gold/ 400+ trophies/ 1500 seals. (currently in a guild)

Invite Code: DUMBLEDORE_3
VIP Level: 7

Looking for two members!