Homebound Guilds are recruiting! HB1 (29/30) HB2 (29/30) HB3 (29/30)

What makes a fun game even better? An awesome guild! Come join Homebound as we climb the ranks. We are a family of 3 guilds welcoming players of all level. We currently have openings in Homebound 2. Get in before reset to play Guild Wars!

why us?

we want people who would like to help out others - post team suggestions for events, answer questions for all levels of players - new and vet - and encourage input into the direction of our guild.

Homebound 1

rank 50
GW bracket 3-4
40k seals
15-20 LT’s weekly (average about 1 mil gold donation each)
raid boss and invasion finished every week


Level 1k+
Participation in all guild events
600k gold (average donation about 1 million)
1500 seals (we want active people)
200 trophies
discord (this is where the fun happens!)

Homebound 2

Rank 211 and climbing
40k seals


Min level 400
100k gold (average donation about 600k)
1200 seals
participation in all guild events
all kingdoms at level 10
checking discord

Homebound 3

Usually completes 6 or 7 tasks in each statue
around 30k seals weekly
guild events OPTIONAL
inactive removed weekly


1K seals (but push for 1500)

Newer accounts are welcome if you are really active!
Lots of people still working on getting kingdoms to level 10, so I do not have a trophy or gold requirement.

If you are interested please stop by our discord (https://discord.gg/5aefHjR 22 16) or message me to say hi!

Hope to see you soon!

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We still have one opening in Homebound 2, our mid-game guild.

I’m in HB1 and worked my way there by way of HB3 and HB2. HB has a great group of active, motivated folks willing to help in every way, and being in the HB family really accelerated my progression through the game.

Come join us!

Looks like we will have a spot in HB1 and Hb2 - come join!

HB1 has already completed 8 LTs since weekly reset. Plenty more forthcoming!

HB2 also still has a spot. If you’re a mid-gamer, or perhaps an end-gamer who likes guild events but otherwise wants more relaxed requirements, we’d love to hear from you!

Come join us!

Want something fun to do this holiday? Come join us!

we just filled our Hb1 spot, but would love to have you in HB2 or 3. plenty of people to help out, plus you can move up when a spot opens up

Update: We still have 1 spot in HB3. Come join: https://discord.gg/5aefHjR

Homebound 2 is looking for some midgame players. help us out, we will help you out! join us!

Spots still open for HB2 and HB3! Come join us before Guild Wars! https://discord.gg/5aefHjR

Is your guild active? ours is. join us!

We now have opening in all three guilds. Last chance to join in time for Guild Wars! https://discord.gg/5aefHjR

Homebound 2 is looking for you!

Homebound 2 has 2 openings, bring a friend!

We currently have openings in all 3 guilds

Sunday is a good day to join us - weve spent this week discussing Guild War teams and improvements. Is your guild active?

What better way to start the school year than to be with an amazing guild where you’ll learn a lot! Come join our family of guilds and be privy to our amazing resources and information. Come visit us on Discord!

we currently have spots in our midgame guild as well as our starter guild. come by and talk to us!

100+ people on discord to help out with strategies, hints and tips

Looks like we have room in all 3 guilds, come talk to us

sunday! join a new guild!