Homebound Group Recruiting HB1 30/30 HB2 28/30 HB3 30/30 Closed

Homebound 1

  • rank 47
  • GW bracket 3-4
  • 40k seals
  • 15-20 LT’s weekly (average about 1 mil gold donation each)
  • raid boss and invasion finished every week


  • Level 1k+
  • Participation in all guild events
  • 300k gold (average donation about 1 million)
  • 1500 seals (we want active people)
  • 150 trophies (raising soon, going to be pushing this higher. )
  • checking discord

Our mins are there in case someone gets busy. We want more active people. We do not want people living at our mins.

Homebound 2

  • Rank 819 and climbing fast
  • 10-15 legendaries weekly
  • 40k seals
  • starting to complete guild events!!


  • Min level 400
  • 100k gold (average donation about 700k)
  • 1200 seals
  • 100 trophies (average 182)
  • participation in all guild events
  • all kingdoms at level 10
  • checking discord

Homebound 3

  • Usually completes 6 or 7 tasks in each statue
  • around 30k seals weekly
  • guild events OPTIONAL
  • inactive removed weekly


  • 1K seals (but push for 1500)

Newer acocunts are welcome if you are really active!
Lots of people still working on getting kingdoms to level 10, so I do not have a trophy or gold requirement.

Still looking for 2 for HB2!!

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Hi there! sounds good, i will have someone invite you shortly, leave your current guild and I will get you invited

Looking for 2 for HB2. .If interested come to our discord and say hi, https://discord.gg/5aefHjR

need someone to bounce team ideas off of? We have quite the group of players who discuss everything on discord.

Join us!

As with most other guilds lately, we have a few openings. All levels welcome.

Looking for a fun but competitive guild? We got you covered! Come join our group of motivated slackers! Open spots in HB1 and HB2.

3 immediate openings, could put you in HB1 or HB2. Looking for a couple of quality recruits!!

HB3 has openings again. Get in quick.

any opening in HB2?

Hi annazilla, currently no, Hb3 has availability - but once you are in, you would be first on the list to move up. let us know

do you have the level room list for ToD?

our guild(s) does indeed keep a tower list. need a guild? come to discord and leave your invite code.

discord link pls

revised: I joined HB3 and discord but no one seems to see me.