Homebound (Rank 50) is recruiting active late-game players!

Homebound is the lead guild in a family of 3 guilds and is seeking late-game players to fill our ranks.

We are competitive and get lots and lots of things done as a team, but without the stress of a hardcore guild. We participate in fairly high-level Guild Wars, finish all events, and complete 20-30 LTs per week. We want very active players, but we have reasonable requirements and will not ask you to make Gems of War a second job.

Most of all, we want people who like to work as a team and help others (posting team suggestions for events, answering questions for all levels of players, new and vet), and we encourage input into the direction of our guild.

If you are interested, see below for our requirements, and please stop by our Discord (https://discord.gg/5aefHjR) or message me to say hi!

  • Rank 50
  • GW bracket 4
  • 40k seals, usually by Thursday
  • 20-30 LTs weekly starting early Monday (average 1.2-1.5M gold each)
  • Raid Boss, Invasion, Tower of Doom finished every week, often by Friday. Top 50 ToD.
  • All guild statues maxed (level 200)


  • Level 1,000
  • 600K gold (average about 1.2-1.5M)
  • 1,500 seals
  • 1,200 trophies per 4-week cycle (Raid Boss through Tower of Doom)
  • Raid Boss: 9K damage
  • Invasion: 100 towers
  • Guild Wars: 5 battles per day, no minimum score
  • Tower of Doom: use at least free sigils
  • Discord (this is where the fun happens!)

Hope to see you soon!

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We’ve finished the tower, on our way up the leaderboard! Come get to know us!

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Come visit us on Discord and say hello!

We have one spot open! Come visit us on Discord and find out what we do best!