(guild is full now)Are you a new player? - come join us

Our guild is level 43-rank # 1400 (champion III- 120%gold bonus) and climbing.
All the guild guardians are level 20 or more.
We are active and we would like to join better rank positions.
No gold/trophy/seals requirement but a constant contribution and daily play will be appreciated
Each actual player is donating weekly average 250k /1500 seals/300 trophies so the guild is improving quickly but we need more players!!
If you are interested please post below your invitation code

Hi i’m a new and active player (1500 seals/week), i’m really intrested joining you
my invitation cod is: SANSACIBOLLA

I tried to send you an invite but you are still in a guild.
Please leave it and i will try again.
See you

sorry, i’ve left the guild try to invite me now

Invite sent!!!

Would like to join!

Invite code: LE SCHMIDT

Invitation sent

I’m interested in joining, GAXXD is the invite code.

Invitation sent

@StubbornOldFool if you need a good guild but not hardcore one, we will be happy to have between us!!
Hope to see you soon

@Daniel i don’t mind switching to your guild! I probably don’t meet your weekly average contributions but i play daily. Will leave my current guild tonight, it’s not very active anyway

we don’t need any average contribution to be admitted to our guild.
Anyone is contributing as they can, without any type of pressure and till now we are growing fast. In the last 3 days our guild has gained 3 levels.
If you change your maind and decide to join let me know your invite code.
See you

I’d like to join please. I play daily and will contribute. My code is BOYCEDESIGNS

I look forward to joining if you’ll allow it.

Thank you!

I’ve sent you an invite just now.

“We Are One”? I accepted. I just completed a task and it says I’ve already accepted the reward this week but I haven’t. That’s strange. I’ll contribute seals and trophies but I might hold onto my gold until next week. Is that ok?

Yes, we are!!!
All the rewards our guild is gainig, are found on the game mailbox (the
envelope on the right side of the world map). As you completed the purple
task, you and all the guild members have received 250 souls.
That’s ok for holding your gold until next week and contributing with seals
trophies. You can make as you like. Next week probably we will concentrate all
our efforts on a single mana colour in order to finish all the task on that
If you like, to be always updated on guild activity you can join guild chat:
when you are everywhere in the game, hold the blue/green baloon on the top of
the screen and you will enter guild chat where you can leave messages for all
the guild members.
or you can write me directly…of course.
Thank you for joining us!!!

Hi @Daniel i have left my guild and would like to join your guild please.

Hello, new guy here, interested on joining, KITE-SAMA my code

if there is some room for 2 people i would like to join with a friend. we only started 2 days ago so and are around lvl30 atm.

However we should be easily able to get 100k/1500/300 trophies within the first 2 weeks.

ID No.1: ^TEMP33T^
ID No.2: NEXT_3

I tried to invite you but you are still in a guild. Please leave it and i’ll try again.
Let me know.