(Found) Newish player looking for an active guild

I’m a relatively new player (been playing less than a week), learning the ropes of the game, but I play a lot and want to join a guild that will be as active as I am.

My stats are:
Lvl 67
Trophies 400/week
Seals 1500/week
Gold 46K/week (mostly because i don’t see a reason to contribut to a dead guild)

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Hi Sirnoffico:) Safe Word rank 98 have a spot if you r interested
Min 600 seals
Donate what you can. Focus to upgrade your kingdoms:)

I am interested!
How do I join? Do I have to apply or something?

Hi:)) go to global chat and say hi i invite you from there:)

Channel 001


Invite sent:) go to guildchat:))

embarrased to ask, but how do i do that?

The tab next to global chat

Your invite is in the mailbox Safe Word

Check your mailbox

Think I’m in, thanks for the invite! :slight_smile:

Your welcome:))