Active Player Looking for guild, GUILD FOUND

Hi, I am level 142, started grinding gems of war (love the game) and love the forums here, looking for a guild who are active and dedicated. Can provide 1500 seals, 100+ trophies and around 20k gold a week (whilst I level kingdoms then can offer more). Available on discord as well. If this suits your guild please let me know. Invite code SALVATORE_UETB

I have a fairly new guild you could join, lot of new players, some crusty old vets. currently have 26/30 people but actively recruiting and getting it filled. And once you level some with that level of activity would be good enough to join our main guild (currently ranked 55)

This new guild shares a discord with our main guild, and you would have access to that

Sounds good thanks, feel free to send me an invite

invite sent!

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