The Witchers recruitment


Hello fighters!

The witchers guild recruit active players

We have 330 place in the league, and still advance

100% Gold bonus

Let’s play with us

Send your invite code here if You want to play with us



Hello, we still needs new players

Now we have 319 place

Guild level 31

Do You want to play in active guild?



I’m looking for a guild but I’m new to the game; only level 36 and looking for a guild that can help me with troop levelling and composition.


Take me invite code IVIMarkIVI


We have 310 place and still advance :slight_smile:


Invite code: BLARG 2


Invite send


Thanks, great guild so far. Good bonuses, very helpful. Once I get some gold rolling I will contribute!


Ok; I think I Have about 40% of the cities. I have 2 troops at level 8, rest are level 1. Main character is level 40, Still trying to figure out what my “best troops” are. I put Drake Rider and Berserker at level 8.


Edit: Deleted my long-winded post of all my troops. In a much better spot!



I am newbie but active player.
Invite code: Eyey




Brand new but spend most of my day online and always active. Looking for guild that can steer me to success so I can become a contributing member.

Invite Code: Hairyskinback

Let the climb begin…


Invite send:) Welcome in The Witchers:)


Thanks, have joined. Any help to speed my growth in gold so I can spend hours instead of minutes playing would be helpful lol :slight_smile:


Is there a place for people from our guild to chat/ The ingame chat is fairly lacking (I play on my phone).


Update! The Witchers are climbing the ranks. Rank 330 as of Aug. 25, 228 Oct. 6. We’re getting up there!

13/30 Members, fun clan. We’re looking for active (once a week) players to grow with us. I think only really inactive players (not playing in a month) would ever be removed. So come, play as much as you want, and have fun.

+100% Daily Gold bonus
All Masteries +17
Tasks completed Daily.

So leave your name and come join. We’ll offer advice, knowledge of game mechanics, and free beer to those of legal age!