Active Guild Seeking Players of All Levels

Hello there,

Are you new or a seasoned player looking to find a home with an active guild that will let you play the way you want to. No fixed tariffs as you collect your cards and expand your city base. With a highly active leader and companions multiple tasks are cleared which means keys,gems, maps and guild goodies for everyone.

I have only been with the guild a few days and love the help I have recieved with any questions I have had about the game and you to can take advantage of the guild leaders solid game knowledge.

So if your looking for a casual gaming experience and making new friends or you want to grow fast and maximize your time invested into real game results then let The Witchers sprinkle their magic on you and enjoy the rewards as we climb the league together.

Leave a reply here and we will send you a guild invite, when you arrive tell them “Hairy sent you” :slight_smile:

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