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Bilingual english - polish guild THE WITCHERS is looking for active member

Hello! Join THE WITCHERS and enjoy playing GoW with us.
Our guild is 1100+ level, all statues level 160+, league rank 64, Demi-God III. We finish all 72 basic tasks every week (usually on monday) and do about 10 LTs. Reaching 40k seals chests almost every week. Guild Wars currently bracket 7-8. Requirements are reasonable and quite easy, minimum are: 1000 seals (until sunday 24 hours before reset, preferred 1500 seals), 300k gold, but players without kingdoms at 10 level can pay in trophies (1k gold = 1 trophy), players level 100+, participating in Guild Wars (mandatory) and raid/invasion (preferred).
Most of our members are experienced, 19 of us is level 1000+, all friendly, from many countries with a group from Poland, so 2 languages in chat, discord not required.

Zapraszamy Polaków do dwujęzycznej gildii THE WITCHERS, prawdopodobnie jesteśmy najsilniejszą z tak liczną grupą rodaków i językiem polskim w guild chat. Z nami co tydzień można sporo zgarnąć, a minimalne wymagania ^^ całkiem proste.

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Hi AISA. If you’re still recruiting I’d be interested in joining if you’d have me. The guild I’m in currently has random participation and I’m looking to get into a more active guild. I’m level 580 and shouldn’t have any trouble with the requirements. My invite code is CINCYCAT_DZZ8.

If you need me to leave my current guild before recruiting just let me know. Thanks!

Hi, Cincycat, I made a spot already and will invite you, but you have to leave your current guild. Let me know when you are guildless.

Just left. Thanks!

Recruiting again, 2 open spots for new members.
Znów rekrutujemy na 2 wolne miejsca,
Zapraszamy rodaków i nie tylko.

Hi, again we have free spot for active player who enjoy GW.
Hejka, mamy wolne miejsce i zapraszamy.

Lvl 831
1500 seals by Wed
800 k gold
100 to 150 trophies per week.
I lvl about 10 times a day right now.
I will chance guilds tomorrow.
What do you think?

Hi Presto, will gladly send you invite. Just need your invite code and you have to leave your current guild

Jeśli kolega wyżej jednak nie skorzysta to chętnie poproszę.
Lvl 629
Inv code ARV4N1TY_0M6Z

Anyone on to send an invite now?

Presto, leave your invite code here

Possible to make 2 free spots, sending invite Arv4n1ty. Zajrzyj na guild chat po odebraniu zaproszenia

We have open spot again, join us and play as you like in good company.
Mamy znów wolne miejsce, zapraszamy.

Jesli macie wolne miejsce chetnie bym dolaczyl, mam poziom 617 i spokojnie powinienem sprostac wymaganiom. moj invite code KENJIXURO_1VRJ

poszło kenjixuro

Hi, my wife wants to be in a guild that complete the basic tasks of the guild during the week.
She is not a high level player (350 now), but she got all her kingdoms maxed at level 10 and the dragon armor. She can acomplish your guild reqs.

She really wants to be part of a active guild.

Could you invite her, please?

Thanks for your attention

invite code :LUCI_1YMH

Hi, in case you have an open slot I’ll do my best to be a part of your guild. I am only 304lvl (4 week of playing), doing 1500seels as usual in 2-3 days after reset and 400-500 trophies every week, now i’m in a lack of gold, cause lvling my kingdoms, but it’s not take too long.

@Bragamat and @tjer, after kenjixuro joined we have 30/30, but this week one of our veteran quits and two members are given last chance. Probably I’ll be able to invite both of you in 2-4 days. And for that I need your invite code tjer.

ok, i’ll be waiting. TJER_SOP8

@Bragamat and @tjer we are 29/30 right now, tried to send invites, but both of you are in guilds, if you are still interested joining us, you have to be guildless