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Revisiting old topic about guilds

There are currently 2 issues involving guilds. The 1st being how easy (cheap)it is to make one, the 2nd is dead guilds.
Most games I have played require a player to reach a certain level to create a guild and I think that makes sense. It ensures that they are enjoying and committed to the game,and also that they have some notion of the game play and can help others starting out on their journey, or find similar minded players to continue enjoying the game with.
Too many low level players make guilds, and then stop playing, leaving yet another dead guild. This cause issues not only for established guild (think gw brackets) but also new players who use the search guild option only to join a guild and continue playing alone. I did that when I first started almost a year ago, and it was frustrating. Started lurking in global to realize that’s not how all guild were.
I’m not sure what the fair cost of starting a guild should be, but it should require a dedication on the player’s part to do so, also I’m not sure how long a guild should be allowed to have no activity (minus new players joining and leaving due to no activity) or how long a guild should be allowed to stay at one member, but I do know this should be worked out for the benefit of all players,new and old.
I know there is a lot going on in the game at the moment, but I believe this discussion should not be shelved.


The way they designed Guild Wars. It looks like that was the intent. Don’t know why they chose to have it automatically register.

If the GM or highest ranked members “forget to register” and miss wars for a week. That would be a good way to figure out who should be GM’s and who should’nt.
To elaborate further. They should make it you have to be at least level 100 to start a guild.
Our sister guild, Gems N Roses has been around for 7 months. Still playing mostly dead guilds in bracket 124. If you remove the dead guilds. You’d have new guilds actually being challenged by other new guilds. Instead of facing easy inactive guilds. That are even less of a challenge then Sparkle Ponies.

I hate to come flying into a thread with negativity, but this has been discussed several times, using the exact specifics you are discussing, going back over a year ago.

The game definitely needs to manage guilds automatically until a certain progression, and only then allow players to go off the rails. Put people in a “system managed guild” at first and let them color outside the lines after some number of hours of play, etc.

The devs have consistently ignored those discussions.


anyone know if dead guilds have an alotted amount of time to appear to new players as an option to join?ie guild x leader inactive for 30days now will not appear in list available to join etc,if this isnt the case it def should be.


This, or after GM/highest ranking officer has been inactive for 30 days, pass the guild leadership to the 2nd highest in command who has been active for the past 30 days. That would present the chance to save the guild