[POSTPONED] Scheduled Maintenance with Downtime

MAINTENANCE POSTPONED - New maintenance time: 8pm PT Wednesday 18th March.
We’ll make a new official news post next week with this information as well to make it more visible.

CANCELLED: At roughly 8pm PT Wednesday 11th March the game will be unavailable for up to 30 minutes while maintenance is performed on the game servers and databases.

The downtime will be on all platforms (PC, mobile, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch).

For people in other time zones that’s at:
3am GMT Thursday 12th March
2pm AEDT Thursday 12th of March

Thanks for your patience while this necessary work happens!


Im assuming there’s going to be an in-game warning (probably the yellow degraded server symbol?) that maintenance is about to kick in?


This should happen every week, if it leads to less bugs/issues.


There will be hell to pay if this happens without warning. Especially during GW week.

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@TheIdleOne yes we will be trying to get a warning message in the game too, but I wanted to post here as well just to spread the word as much as possible :slight_smile:

@Fleg this is part of the warnings we’re going to be giving so not sure why your comment came up? =/


Only a tiny fraction of people read these forums. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have multiple ingame warnings. Something like 30 min, 20 min, 10 min, 5 min warnings all separate popups ingame. Otherwise prepare yourself for the onslaught of tickets for losing delve sigils or gw matches.


Also, can someone check my math please? This time would be 3 hours before reset?

4 hours, daylight savings time just kicked in for us.

it still got me the last few days for Gems of War.


To quote Salty, hi hey hello:

It’s not in game yet because it’s much faster for me to make a forum post than it is to change and upload game files, but there’ll be a message in game.


I second this with all my heart.

The F2P I currently play (and pay) the most tends to have ~8 hours of downtime once per week. We deal. It’s announced in advance, and there tend to be minor-but-appreciated in-game compensations for it.


Small thing, I guess, but the we’re on Daylight time in the US as of this past weekend.

0 issues with this as it stands.

What happens for those in GW fights when it goes down?? Will their fight be reset so as to not count?

Will the server be out of sync with the game when it comes back up?

Changed it to PT… Hopefully that makes things clearer. It will be 4 hours before daily reset on Wednesday the 11th for our North and South American friends.

And 4 hours before reset on Thursday for everyone else :smiley:

@Smash that’s why we’re putting warnings in game.


Yeah but you have to go on the basis of the weakest link, and if we are being honest, some people are idiots that wont read it, and will blow up the forums and support about it lol.

We’re doing our best to notify everyone but if they don’t read the million warnings, I literally can’t help them =/



Ive let BDC know about it, and will spam it for the next 25 hours lol.

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If the ingame warning is only going to be the yellow ! that is currently showing I can guarantee you tonnes of people will be caught off guard because few people click on it. It needs to be one of those flash offer popups for people to notice.


It’s on the game’s loading screen as well

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We are doing everything we can to get word out, and I’ve already pushed social posts, and will schedule more.

Thus far it will be shown on the icon in game, and the loading screen. On top of that there will be posts made across our social accounts, and these forums. If we can add it to other places in game we will, but it may not be possible without making larger changes.

If it’s just not possible to have a “flash offer” style popup warning of server shutdown in x minutes then I’ll stop harping on about it. If it is possible then you would be crazy to not do it.