Scheduled Server Maintenance

At roughly 8pm PT Tuesday 17th March the game will be unavailable for up to 30 minutes while maintenance is performed on the game servers and databases (the hardware the game is run on).

The downtime will be on all platforms (PC, mobile, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch).

For people in other time zones that’s at:
3am GMT Wednesday 18th March
2pm AEDT Wednesday 18th of March

If you’d like to see a countdown timer for when the maintenance will start, please click on this link:

Thanks for your patience while this necessary work happens!


Sorry got my timezones all messed up. I’ve edited the correct times/days into the main post now!

I really liked the idea (I think Fleg had) of a countdown timer, whether live and persistent or just included in the pop-up notifications or available to be viewed somewhere. Some people calculated it themselves and were broadcasting it, last week, but an easily viewable “7 hrs 24 mins (until Maintenance (30 mins))” would be handy, I think.

E.g. if the pop-up notification says, “The server is scheduled to be shut down for 30 minutes of maintenance at 3 am GMT Wednesday 18 March”, perhaps try to amend it to

  • “… at 3 am GMT Wednesday 18 March (in 7 hrs 24 mins)” or
  • “… in 7 hrs 24 mins (3 am GMT 18 March)”.

So we have daylight savings currently in Melbourne. Will maintenance be at 2pm or 3pm?

Correct me if I’m wrong but AEDT is different from AEDST (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time)

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Without checking, I think the difference is between AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) and AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time), with AEDST being the same as the latter.


@Fleg AEDT and AEDST are the same thing :slight_smile:

The maintenance will start roughly 4 hours before daily reset on the respective day if that helps @Jonathan



It’s too confusing. It keeps changing. /s

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So last week the maintenance was supposed to be done. Today we had frequent server issues. Is that due to the maintenance being delayed until tomorrow?

It could be just like the flash offer countdowns pretty easily I’d imagine

Probably just Covid putting strain on all the internet because everyone’s now telecommuting

So this is to rollback the new whales-only event right?


Maintenance is in a little under an hour. Dont forget about it!

ATTENTION PLEASE! The Gems of War servers across ALL platforms will be down for Server Maintenance in approximately 1 hour (03:00AM GMT/08:00PM PT). The servers could be unavailable for up to 30 minutes. Please make sure you are not participating in any activity you wouldnt want to lose.

Posted that around a few places if anyone wants it.


Plus or minus a day and an hour. Date lines, time zones, and that day light savings sometimes tends to confuse their times.

Maint is live!!

Suggestions: Can we get a quit button on this screen please. I have to force close the game elsewhere, because I cant actually exit the game itself from here, it just loops this screen.


Nice touch on that message btw. Cheeky, as they might say in Oz :wink:


Servers are working for xbox, or have they not gone down yet?

Servers just came back up.

Already seeing pissed off people in global chat that lost a whole delve. Not everybody pays attention to the yellow !

The more I think about it the more I realize a popup wouldn’t work because they can’t even give me the new mythic popup on the day it releases (3 days later) so how could they manage to give us one at a specific time? :roll_eyes:


They’ll get over it.

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