Servers will be going offline for Patch 108 Maintenance on: 16 Dec 23:30 GMT

  • London: 11:30pm 16 Dec
  • Los Angeles: 3:30pm 16 Dec
  • New York: 6:30pm 16 Dec
  • Central Europe: 12:30am 17 Dec
  • Melbourne: 10:30am 17 Dec

We expect the servers to be down for 1-2 hours, but it may vary based on how long the new version takes to appear in the App Store and Google Play Store. We’ll keep you posted in this thread of any changes to downtime or maintenance time.


FIRST. I win.

Well we all win. Great news!

I’m ready!!

HYPE! :kissing_closed_eyes:

great news @Sirrian ! Will we get to seer the patch notes beforehand?

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Let’s do it! I am so excited about this!

Advance warning for an update!
How did you get around Apple?

Shouldn’t it be 0:30am 17 Dec for central europe if it’s 23:30 GMT?

I have no clue what’s the games actual time. Someone can help me with this?

The game’s actual time isn’t important. For reference, the devs are in Melbourne Australia, where it is just past 9pm right now. But this doesn’t really do anything. I mean, the new week starts at 2am dev time, which doesn’t make much sense.

Unless I’m about to be enlightened on that.

Devs are insomniacs?

Well that’s what I am confused about. I don’t know at what game time new game day actually starts. I know they are from there, so all the more reasons I’m confused.

For everyone in Europe using the time notation without AM/PM: the server downtime will start coming night, just after midnight at 00:30 Central European time (Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris etc). :smile:

NEW DAY currently starts at the following times:

  • London/GMT: 3:00pm
  • Los Angeles: 7:00am
  • New York: 10:00am
  • Central Europe: 4:00pm
  • Melbourne: 2:00am

Extrapolate from there for one’s own local time.

For European readers: 16:00 CET. I wish we would all convert to the 24hr notation haha.

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I’ll set my clock to awake me at 3 am (I’m central Europe) set the game to download, and it the morning, oh the joy :scream:

Hey, I saw a watch last week that read “nine sixteen”. In letters. Two lines. It was pretty bad.
And then it changed to “nine seventeen” and split seventeen between the second and a third line. My poor brain.

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I’ll look into maybe not sleeping I guess.

Design fail. Obviously.

It was at a designer meetup as well. The irony was not lost on me.

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