Server Time? Based on what time?

Just curious: where’s the game server’s time based on? I’m just curious and I couldn’t find it anywhere.

The day resets at 1AM AEST. But it hasn’t always and I don’t know what it is actually tied to, if anything.

Isn’t it tied to the server location?

At some point, I read on this forum that the devs were Australian, but I can’t remember who said that, so it’s not really an information I 100% trust, but it would make sense considering the server time I guess…

My assumption is that it’s always 1AM AEST, which is based on the location of the dev team, and this shifts b/c daylight savings times occurs on different dates around the world.

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Thanks everyone for all the answers =)

Just to add to this a bit, it looks like InfinityPlusTwo is based in Melbourne, Australia, so they would be on AEST.


daylight savings I think. it was 7 am pst now 8 am after spring forward. most online games I’ve played are effected like this i don’t think servers tend to change with daylight savings.


My understanding is that the weekly reset is timed to be basically at the end of the weekend for all players, and similarly weekend events run for 3 days so that they fully cover the 2 days of weekend for all timezones.

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Our servers work off GMT timezone

But the day resets at 1 am AEST like people said, right?

That is correct.

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