Guide to the new Weekly Changeover Time - Timezones

Sirrian just announced the new weekly changeover time so I’m issuing a new guide.

The weekly reset for PvP ranks will now occur at 7:00 GMT/UTC every Monday.

This guide translates these times for a few selected timezones that I’m guessing Gems of War players will reside in. If you’d like further timezones added, please respond below and I will happily add more.

There are two tables - one for when you are in standard time and one for when daylight savings time applies

Standard Time (no daylight saving)

Timezone      Difference    Weekly reset
US Pacific      GMT -8        2300 Sunday
US Mountain     GMT -7        0000 Monday
US Central      GMT -6        0100 Monday
US East         GMT -5        0200 Monday
Brazil          GMT -3        0400 Monday
UK              GMT 0         0700 Monday
Central Europe  GMT +1        0800 Monday
China, West Aus GMT +8        1500 Monday
Japan           GMT +9        1600 Monday
East Australia  GMT +10       1700 Monday

Daylight Saving Time

Timezone      Difference    Weekly reset
US Pacific      GMT -7        0000 Monday
US Mountain     GMT -6        0100 Monday
US Central      GMT -5        0200 Monday
US East         GMT -4        0300 Monday
Brazil          GMT -2        0500 Monday
UK              GMT +1        0800 Monday
Central Europe  GMT +2        0900 Monday
East Australia  GMT +11       1800 Monday

Now when anyone asks when the weekly reset is or when the weekend event starts or finishes, you can just direct them to this guide! :smiley:

Link to Sirrian’s post for reference:


Good quick work mate!

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If anyone from Serbia is thinking about when its happening, it’s going to happen on Monday 9AM.
Oh yeah I’m probably the only player from my country xD

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I think there might be some of us in Japan, which is GMT+9, but doesn’t observe DST at all.

Also, we’ll see how things go, but it will be interesting to see if they keep the time at 5pm AEST, even after DST kicks in in Aus or not. Which might throw the tables out of whack.

What badge are you going for now??

JK, thanks for the guide :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Australian daylight saving doesn’t impact the reset time anywhere except in Australia. It’s fixed as 7am GMT.

Japan added.

The badge of having something to link to every time we get a question about new weekly reset times. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fair enough, I wasn’t sure if it had impacted it in the past or not. Although if the change was made so people would actually be in the office for changeover, then I’m not sure if as many people would be around at 6pm as would be at 5pm. We’ll see, however if it hasn’t changed in the past, it likely won’t change in the future.

You clearly don’t know the devs well enough yet - they were often in the office at the old reset time… :sleeping:

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Dude, bros, mans, I’m confused. I don’t see pm or am anywhere on the list. :confounded::innocent:

Yeah I know, but this change was to try and avoid that :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way I’ll drop this. I do agree that you will most likely be right.

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Not sure if you’re being serious or not, but in the case that you are:

It’s written in 24 hour time, so 0100 is 1am and after 1200 it goes to 1300 which is the same as 1pm.

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Which is as it should be. 24 hour time is way easier. I always mix up the AM vs PM debate (mostly due to the fact that it’s just not used that much in Europe…)

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I hadn’t noticed that in Sirrian’s post, thanks for the headsup @actreal :slight_smile:

Thanks @actreal, it really helps because i always get confused when i try to convert time.