Birch Team - fighting for number 1 in ranking (with style) - last place for hardcore players

Lol. It was just a joke. Just messing around. You will see me do crap like that alot around here!!

Aight Aight. I’ll calm down :wink: I dunno I guess I just felt it was going in the wrong direction. Thanks for clarifying. :smiley:

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know here in case it was missed in chat, I’m out of state until Sunday, maybe late Saturday.

Looking forward to getting back to the game with you all.

Are October’s stats for real? I assumed they weren’t resetting weekly… outstanding

Jealous of everyone going on vacation. I just had time off work and didn’t get to go anywhere nice. Have fun everywhere

When do the stats reset, I think everyone who has fallen short of the weekly goal has 24 hours left?

@Robert, Here is a list for all time zones since the latest reset time changes. Compliments of @actreal

Guide to the new Weekly Changeover Time - Timezones
(Granted that still some people do not reset when others do, but it’s been that way since I started playing the game)

So if I (barely) make under the minimum requirement for the week, I’m going to be booted from the Guild within a month?!

That’s what I’m hearin’

I understand I’ve played this game less in the past several weeks than I have since I joined the guild last year, but being knocked down to a major? I just think it’s kinda shitty, even though, overall, I’ve contributed more in trophies and gold than almost everyone. Sure, it’s partly because I’ve been here longer than most, but that should account for something too.

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no, it is impossible till you will score your captain share (100+/-10)
For me it is fair and square

  1. When You want go up in ranks You must score min req for that rank + 10
  2. If You dont want to be promoted it is enough to score min req - 10
  3. Newbies have 5 days to show if they are worthy :wink:

so 90 trophies and gold is enough to stay in the guild but not enough to be higher than captain

Kinda shitty?
Last part of X-man was kinda shitty :slight_smile: Lack of good ideas and overusing Quicksilver(October)…
Cloverfield 10 - complete story and everything seems to be in right place. really good scenario but dont expect great special effects - just like my decissions about guild
Thanx for joining the group
When we ll hit 20 people, i want to do regular contests with prizes. Thats why rules have to be pretty clear but dont expect car or a house :slight_smile:

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I have no clue what you’re going on about, but good on ya.

Perfect, thanks

we have got open spot. expect invitation soon

Okay :slight_smile: ill be on to accept soon enough

your invitation code? i m out now but someone should invite You

Welcome new members!

I was under the impression the minimum/recommended contribution is 70T 50kG from the in game Guild chat. In another thread there is a comment about 100/50 and first post on this tread its listed as 100T/50kG… Just to be clear to everyone.

In addition you posted some voodoo calculation using slide rulers, horoscopes, and a bocce ball for promotions/demotions, you might want to put that up on the first post for all to see. :slight_smile:

PS: IF we raise the recommended, I would love to see more Gold over Trophies. As I mentioned before 100/50 OR 50/100 player choice.

Done, Sir :slight_smile:

ICARUS_MXDL is inv code

In the initial post it mentions sentinels. I think they are called different within the guild itself?