Server Issues (Weekend of 30th August)

Ahoy, adventurers!

The forum is aflood with threads claiming that the servers are down. This is partially correct, but they are not our servers. The Gems of War servers are running smoothly, and it appears that a lot of internet providers and services are experiencing issues at this time.

You can see what is affected here.

We wish we could do more to help. Fingers crossed everything returns to normal soon.


Is it possible to extend the weekend Delve event to allow people more time to use sigils they bought? Perhaps through Monday since there is not another scheduled event in conflict?


Not to mention the long weekend in the US!

I don’t know if it’s possible or feasible. But an error message in game that describes today’s issue would help avoid confusion immensely. This is the second time this year where the cloud went down. So it’s an issue that seems to happen a little too frequent. But neither customer nor developer/publisher can do anything to make it more stable.


Two words: contingency plans.

I realised this can be taken more than one way, so I’d better clarify what I actually mean.

It’s not my intention to suggest having contingency plans to keep the game up during a major Internet outage (possible, but expensive, messy and unreliable). Rather, knowing that the game will periodically go down for an extended period, it makes sense to have contingency plans in place for how to handle Events and Tribute that are affected.

For example, I might argue the case that non-gold Tribute should be doubled for the period of the outage, but precisely one week later.

Unfortunately, even public transport providers (who definitely should know better) usually have nothing in the way of contingency plans – even for events that will predictably occur every single year. I cry for this world. :sob:

50 gems for every player would be a generous token of good will given that tributes were unavailable for 5 hours. But they are also a free resource and not guaranteed to us. So it would definitely be a good will token and not compensation in nature.

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We are currently discussing potential compensation. Please sit tight while we decide on the best course of action moving forward.


We should be sending out a gift for this issue to global mail within the next 24 hours


Is compensation in part based on what was spent? I bought several tiers, got two delves in, and that was it for the day. Next day was all about guild wars.

Hi everyone, just an update that we’ve sent out a mail to everyone containing some resources to help cover some of the things you may have missed during the issues. Please check your mailbox.


Thank you for the kind gesture although not necessary, definitely appreciated.


Thanks for the kind gesture, since it wasn’t even your fault guys.:heart:


Thank you :hugs:

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you make ti sound like we were unable to play for days when it was only a few hours


thanks that was a very nice gesture especially since the outage had nothing to do with you guys


At first I thought the gem amount was small. But then I considered that players who get 1 to 2 gems for Tribute got the same gift. Perspective is always important. Thanks! :grinning: